A group of five people representing different professions walking forward in a grand hallway, with the word "Direxion ETFs | Funds" displayed on the bottom of the video content.
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For over 10 years, Viewpoint has collaborated with financial products company, Direxion, to solve an array of marketing challenges.

In that time, Viewpoint has built a brand for Direxion’s flagship leveraged and inverse products, helped to launch over 50 new ETFs targeting traders and investors, and developed stand-out content assisting customers eager to learn more about those financial instruments.


A man in a blue shirt is holding a machine on the 2024 Home Page.



A+E has been a Viewpoint client since cable was king. But today, to dream big, you have to stream big, and we know how to reach eyeballs there, too. Working together with A+E’s great internal teams, we have touched many facets of their remarkable brand journey, from A&E, History, and Lifetime networks to their International group, as well.

Prior to broadcast. Before any television show makes it to your living room it must first be sold to advertisers. But how do networks sell a show that is simply an idea, without any cast, sets or originally shot footage? That’s where we come in.


A smiling person wearing a red apron sitting in a room with framed certificates on the wall, displaying the PayPal logo on the left side, as part of a video content case study.
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PayPal has engaged Viewpoint for a diverse range of storytelling projects over the past five years. From small business profiles and explainer animations, to social shorts and PR engagements, this content all works to support PayPal’s mission of democratizing financial services regardless of background or economic standing.

We work directly with PayPal’s content strategy team to ensure key messaging is organically woven into each piece and collaborate with their agency of record to produce content that fits into global campaigns designed to attract new customers.