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PayPal, a global leader in secure financial products and services, provides an array of solutions to assist small businesses. From streamlined lending options to secure point of sale payment methods, PayPal helps entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. With a wealth of small businesses using their products, PayPal was looking to publicize these stories using their corporate newsroom and social media channels, driving awareness of specific products and further solidifying the brand’s commitment to small business owners.


Viewpoint profiled over a dozen successful small businesses around the US and UK to highlight how PayPal’s lending programs, empowerment grants, and digital payment offerings have allowed these entrepreneurs to thrive. Each short-form, documentary-style piece demonstrated a specific PayPal offering through the lens of a unique small business. The videos showcased how PayPal products are utilized across an eclectic range of companies and industries, while also highlighting their company mission to democratize financial services through equitable access to business loans and capital.

*The Global Merchant Lending digital content series for PayPal received a combined 1.5 million views, helping to expand their small business footprint.





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