Travel Channel – A Level

Travel Channel UPFRONT UPFRONT – A LEVEL THE ASK To showcase Travel’s new lineup of programming for the advertising community. THE SOLUTION This piece is all about letting the talent and shows speak for themselves. We provided talent and series producers with simple-to-follow shoot guides, allowing them to capture lines and b-roll for us wherever […]

History – Scripted Upfront

History – PROGRAMMING UpfrontS UPFRONT SCRIPTED UPFRONT THE ASK Leverage critical acclaim to promote History’s great dramatic series. THE SOLUTION We took a kickass song. Applied some kickass editorial and design. And made some kickass magic.   GALLERY RELATED PROJECTS

Food Network – Brand & Trends

Food Network BRAND PROMOTION BRAND SIZZLE TRENDS THE ASK Food Network sought to remind advertisers about the relevance and impact of their best-in-class food programming. THE SOLUTION Copy and clever split-screen design elements demonstrate that when you have the right ingredients, the right celebrity chefs, the right programming, then you create powerful ‘moments that matter’ […]

ACORN TV – Free Trial Campaign

ACORN TV Subscription Campaign U.S. BRAND VERSION THE ASK To demonstrate to U.S. audiences that one British-focused streaming service stands above the rest. THE SOLUTION Leveraging the settings, characters and quality storytelling anglophiles adore, we demonstrate that there is a whole world of British-style mysteries you may have never heard of available on Acorn TV […]

Animal Planet – Yellowtail & Puppy Bowl

Animal Planet – Yellowtail & Puppy Bowl PROMO SPOT Animal Planet & YellowTail CO-BRANDING PROMO SPOT THE ASK For the first time, Animal Planet teamed up with Yellowtail to sponsor the 2021 Puppybowl. THE SOLUTION Viewpoint filmed and edited a :30 broadcast spot that aired during halftime of the 2021 Puppybowl.   GALLERY RELATED PROJECTS

National Geographic – Sharkfest

National geographic – Sharkfest TV PROMOTION SHARKFEST TEASER SHARK BEACH PROMO SHARKFEST EVENT SELL THE ASK For the first time, Nat Geo would be running 6 weeks of shark shows rather than the usual 6 days. They needed a campaign guaranteed to get viewers back in the water. THE SOLUTION We built a campaign of […]

Discovery – Blind Frog Ranch

DISCOVERY – BLIND FROG RANCH Season Premiere New Season Launch THE ASK We collaborated with the Discovery team to help them bring their own shoot materials to life. THE SOLUTION We combined intense editorial with provocative sound design to create serious mystery around the launch of Season 2. If you thought it was safe to […]

ID – Brand Image

INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY TV BRAND IMAGE BRAND SPOT “REVENGE” “OVERBOARD” “CLUB” SERIES IMAGE BTS THE ASK Investigation Discovery came to Viewpoint seeking a brand campaign establishing its place as America’s #1 true crime network. THE SOLUTION “Something no one has ever seen before!” Carrie Sullivan, Creative Director This award-winning image campaign gave audiences a new perspective […]

NBC Sports – City Spots 2021

NBC Sports – SNF City Spots TV PROMOTIONS THE ASK Develop and execute a series of twenty :20s & :15s for local market distribution promoting Sunday Night Football.   ■■■ THE SOLUTION Using game footage, announcer calls and key graphics we developed a promo structure which highlighted each of the twenty cities, teams and their star athletes. […]